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BC program student recruiting

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  Core clew :After getting the permit of Shandong government(Lu Foreign Edu No.(2010)7 号),Shandong Taishan Middle School host the BC program which owned by Canadia...

After getting the permit of Shandong government(Lu Foreign Edu No.(2010)7 号),Shandong Taishan Middle School host the BC program which owned by Canadian-Sino Education Exchange Centre, The regular study term is three years,the students will enroll in Shandong and BC education system and study dual curriculum at the same time.
● This program will have a good management.

● This program will has practised teachers. Taishan School choose practiced Chinese teachers to teach Chinese subjects and CSEEC will send BC certified teachers to teach BC curriculum with all English spoken classes. The students will have good foreign style education in China.

● Our students will have a dual program .They will get the diploma from Shandong Government after passing the provincial exams of Shandong Government can participate the entrance exams of Chinese universities, At the same time if they can complete all the requirements of BC curriculum and pass all the BC provincial exams they can get the BC Dogwood certificate(BC diploma).Students have the same chance with Canadian students to apply for Canadian and American universities

● The style of education is looking on the future. We pay attention to teach the students to get the ability of

solving problems ,making decision , leading and

responsibility and planning for their future.

● Small class,with 25—30students per class.

● Comfortable and personal dormitory(3-4students per room),full time English spoken class.

一、Recuiting plan and mode:

The students apply by themselves ,and take the

examinations organized by Taishan Middle School and


Exam subjects:Writing(Chinese、Math、English)、

English entrance assessment (BC teacher)、Interview (BC


二、Recuiting scale:post Grade 9 students.

三、This program is planning to recuit 60 new

students for 2011-12 school year(2 classes)

四、Test thing:

1、Place:5th floor of the main building 1, Taishan

Middle School

2、Materials:5 copies of 2’photo,copy of ID

Tel: 0538-6217675 6278208 13853803416


Taishan Middle School is proud to have, for the first time, a program (Canada Shandong Secondary School) which offers some of its students the opportunity to take courses recognized by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. This will allow them to have the opportunity to study abroad, in Canada, following their secondary school education. For their teachers, it's the chance of a lifetime, being able to work in China and immerse themselves in a new culture. It'll be an experience to remember for students and professionals alike!


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