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Australia-China BRIDGE Project 0

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                             The principle of the school

                                      In the classroom

    In 2011, from August 1 to 21, at the invitation of Australia-Asia Education Foundation ¡®China-Australia Bridge Project¡¯, and under the unity arrangement of Shandong Education Department, our school special-grade senior English teacher Peng Xiuzhen and other 11 primary and middle schools¡¯ teachers from different cities of Shandong Province went to Australia for 21days communication, study and visit.
    Under the thoughtful arrangement of Australia¨CAsia Education Foundation, the 12 teachers first went to Melbourne University learning about the history, geography, culture and society of Australia for one week. During the period, they also participated in the technological training of modern education Web2.0, which built the contact platform for future both sides teachers and students online communication. Later, teacher Peng followed her Australian partner in Bulahdelah Central School for two weeks of home and school visit activities. 

    In this period time, teacher Peng deeply took part in and learned about their education system, teaching model, classroom activities. She experienced the Australian daily life by living in their home and benefited a lot.
The study and exchange activities can improve and strengthen the educators¡¯ communication of both sides, which make a good foundation for Sino-Australia education and teaching work. The activities are good for both sides to broaden horizon, share resources, improve the quality of education and teaching and enhance the friendship of China-Australia.

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