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Taishan Middle School Will Found Confucius School

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¡¡¡¡Core clew £ºApr 25th , Diane Lamarche Venne, president of Margarity-Boole Education Bureau, Montreal city, Canada, and presidents delegation visited Shandong Prov...
Apr 25th , Diane Lamarche Venne, president of Margarity-Boole Education Bureau, Montreal city, Canada, and presidents delegation visited Shandong Province. China and Canada presidents delegation held China-Canada President Forum in the Second Attached Middle School of Shandong University.
Sun Zuxing, vice director of International Office, Ministry of Education, managed the Forum. During the meeting, Meng Qingxu, Minister of Province Education Department and Diane Lamarche Venne, president of Education Bureau, Montreal gave the warmly welcoming speech. Then, seven Confucius Schools and 4 Sister Schools signed the agreement, and Taishan Middle School signed Confucius School Agreement with F¨¦lix-Leclerc High School. Each three representatives of China and Canada gave the speech and changed the opinions, thereinto, representatives of Canada discussed the transition and joint of each learning stages, which impressed us deeply.
At last, presidents of China and Canada did the discuss in groups. President of Taishan Middle School and Diane Vall¨¦e, president of F¨¦lix-Leclerc High School, informed each other about the basic information of schools. When talking about the foundation of Confucius School, both expressed the opinion to do best for the Confucius School and deepened the communications and cooperation between them. Taishan Middle School will run the Confucius School together with F¨¦lix-Leclerc High School in many other ways, such as participate the management of Confucius School and provide the training of Chinese teachers, to promote the spread and extend of Chinese and Chinese culture in Canada.
President of F¨¦lix-Leclerc High School and Diane Vall¨¦e visited Taishan Middle School in Apr 27th .During the meeting, President Zhou gave the speech that we will found Confucius School in Montreal and sent some teachers to initiate the Chinese culture. And Diane Vall¨¦e expressed that the friendship between China and Canada will last forever. After the meeting, both exchanged the presents and president Diane Vall¨¦e visited international class and talked with students.
Nowadays, as the development of international communications, such as the foundation of Confucius School and international class, international communications have been the unique feature and special characteristic of Taishan Middle School. Taishan Middle School has been the window of international exchange and cooperation of Tai¡¯an Education.

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